Automotive Products

The Diagnostic Box has designed and developed several products for the Automotive industry.

TDB1000Advanced Security Systems Electronic Tester 'The ASSET'
TDB500Clone Wizard
TDB750Volvo Security Dongle
WIKIKEYWiki Key Technical Info
TDB014OBD Port Tester
TDB013OBD Port Protector and Booster
TDB011VAG Group Ignition Bypass Cable and Port Tester
TDB008Parking Sensor Tester
TDB007Peugeot and Citroen Pin Code Wizard
TDB006Transponder Antenna Tester
TDB003Proximity/Smart Key Systems Tester
TDB001Remote Control Tester
OBD BlockerOBD Blocker
WIKI RKEWIKI RKE Remote Keyless Entry
WIKI OBDWIKI OBD Diagnostic Socket Locator
Wonder Win ModulesWonder Win Modules